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Which course is the appropriate course for me?

You should let yourself be guided by the eligibility requirements set out for each qualification. The Level 7 is aimed at English Law graduates, and presumes that any learner already studied and understands the general principles of English Law. Both the Level 3 and 4 courses presume no prior knowledge of the law. You are not necessarily required to start at Level 3 in order to move on to Level 4. The appropriate course is therefore based on your previous education and experience. The eligibility criteria should guide you on this.

Other factors that may guide your decision will be your ultimate intentions eg why you wish to do the course. Even though you may be eligible for the Level 4, you may find that the flexibility of the Level 3 qualifications, better meets your needs.

I am a foreign lawyer/ law graduate, which course should I take?                       

The most appropriate, and cost effective, course for you would be the Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies. Please note that learners must have good written and spoken English in order to be eligible to enroll for our courses. Evidence may be requested at the time of enrolment.

How long does the course take?

Students have a maximum of 2 years to complete the Level 3 Certificate, Level 3 Diploma, Level 4 Diploma and Level 7 Diploma. Students have a maximum of 1 year to complete the Level 3 Award, Part 1 of the Level 4 Diploma and Part 2 of the Level 4 Diploma, and a maximum of 6 months to complete a Single Unit Subject This is an overestimate as we recognise that the course is required to fit around your other commitments. Suggested times for completion are;

Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies - 10-14 months

Level 3 Award in Paralegal Practice – 3-4 months

Level 3 Certificate in Paralegal Practice – 6-8 months

Level 3 Diploma in Paralegal Practice - 9-12 months

There are no minimum time constraints, you can go as fast as you like. However we do recommend that you await results of your previous assignment before completing the next. 

* Membership of NALP is necessary to study through any Centre. Your first year’s membership is included within the cost of the Level 3, Level 4 and Level 7 Qualifications, but NOT included if you enrol for a Single Unit Subject. If you have not completed your sudies after the first year, then you will be required to renew your membership.

When can I start?               

Please check with your Centre for start dates/times. 

How do I start?                      

You should complete the enrolment procedure through your Centre.

I have paid, what happens now?                       

Your Centre should acknowledge your enrolment and process it in accordance to their enrolment procedure.

When do I receive the course materials?                     

This is dependent on your Centre but usually once the enrolment process has been completed.

How am I assessed?                     

The course uses continuous assessment, so learners must successfully complete a single assignment for each unit.

How do the assignments work?                      

If you attend classes or are a distance online learner, then assignments will be given or emailed to you by your Centre, and you will have 4 weeks to complete that assignment. The date by which you need to submit it will be specified by your Centre.

If you fail to return your assignment on time, you will be deemed to have failed. 

If you require more time to complete the assignment because of unforeseen circumstances, you should make an application for extra time in writing to your Centre which must include evidence, without which, the application will will not be considered. (Please the NALP reasonable adjustments and special considerations policy)

How is my assignment marked?

NALP provides the assignments for the Centres and will also assess each assignment. NALP has a team of independent examiners who mark all assignments. It may take between 2-4 weeks for papers to be marked although this may be much faster depending on the numbers to be marked at the time. Please note that NALP does not give any feedback because this could give too much guidance to a student who may need to re-sit the assignmentHowever, your Centre will offer tutorial support if you need assistance on interpreting the course material and on exam technique. There are also documents that may assist you such as the Qualifications Specifications which can be downloaded from the NALP website. These contain Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria on which all assignments are based.

I haven’t passed an assignment, what happens now?

If you fail your assignment you are given a second opportunity to successfully complete it free of charge. If you fail again then you will be offered a third opportunity provided you pay a fee of £20.  There can be no fourth attempt. Don't forget that your Centre can offer you assistance if you need it.

I have queries or questions regarding the course material?

Once again, you can contact your Centre with any queries or questions that you have about NALP Course Material and your Centre will be able to assist you. 

I have a learning difficulty, what help can I get?

Whether you are an online distance learner or attend classes through your Centre, you should notify the Centre when you enroll that you have a disability which may affect your ability to complete the course.  Time extensions may be available for completing assignments and the course if that is required. However, if this is the case you must contact your Centre and make your application for the extension prior to starting the course or the assignment in question.  Evidence in support of any application is required. (Please see our reasonable adjustments and special considerations policy)

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