Important Message to NALP Members

Important Information for NALP Members


If so, this will outline what they perceive as the benefits of retaining PPR registration.

If you are unsure what to do, or are unclear what NALP can offer, and wish to discuss this with us then please do not hesitate to contact our CEO, Amanda Hamilton who will be happy to speak to you personally.

As your professional body, we will continue to serve and assist you as we have done over the last 30 years.

Thank you for your continued support.


If you are a current NALP member but cannot find your name on the Register, then please let us know. This is a free membership benefit for all current NALP members.

Many apologies to all our members regarding the messages you have been receiving from the PPR and NALP - which must be confusing.

NALP would like to make it clear that the reason why NALP has withdrawn from the PPR as a recognised body is because there are irreconcilable differences regarding the values and purpose of the PPR as a voluntary regulatory body for Paralegals .NALP Voluntarily joined the PPR as a recognised body and has now voluntarily withdrawn because it can no longer align itself with the values that the PPR represents.



Will withdrawal from the PPR affect my NALP membership? 

No, absolutely not. NALP was a membership body for 30 years prior to the PPR being developed. Your membership will in no way be affected.

I am undertaking/have completed a qualification through NALP, will the withdrawal affect this in any way? 

No, NALP is an Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual and all its qualification are nationally recognised and will remain so. Withdrawal from the PPR in no way affects this.

Can I remain on the PPR Register and be a NALP member also? 

Yes, it is possible to do this, but you may have to pay two memberships to do so. In order to remain with the PPR you need to join one of the three remaining PPR Recognised Membership Bodies.

What about the benefits of being on the PPR Register - I will lose out if I do not retain my PPR registration?

No, this is not so. NALP will soon be launching its own register - Licenced Paralegal Register (LPR) and registration on this will be free for all NALP members as long as their NALP membership is current. This will be a free benefit enabling members to market themselves to prospective employers/clients.

Will I lose the right to gain a PPR Practising Certificate? 

If you are no longer registered on the PPR, you may lose this right, BUT NALP is re-instating our Licence to Practice which NALP offered to members before the PPR was developed 3 years ago.

How does the 'Licence to Practice' differ from the PPR Practising Certificate? 

It effectively offers you the same but with a Licence to Practice, you will be regulated by NALP as opposed to the PPR.

How do I gain a Licence to Practice? 

You need to satisfy the eligibility criteria which will be up on the NALP website very soon.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Amanda Hamilton, the CEO will be very happy to discuss any questions with you personally.