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Paralegal News - June, 2018

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In the Press | Are you Giving your Paralegal Formal Recognition?

NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses recognising Paralegals within your firm and how you can retain talent through further training and paralegal qualifications. … Read more

In the Press | Using the small claims court to recover money your business is owed

  We wrote a guide for Small Claims Court for Small Business Insider. This is part of our continued efforts to raise the profile for Paralegals.    You can action the entire process above without the help of a solicitor. However, if you feel you do need a bit… Read more

In the Press | The Money Pages - When to use a Paralegal?

  In this Article on The Money Pages, NALPs CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses when you can use a Paralegal instead of a solicitor. When might you use the services of a paralegal? If someone takes you to court claiming that you allegedly owe them money and you need to… Read more

In The Press | What is a Paralegal and what does NALP do?

CAN YOU GIVE OUR READERS AN OVERVIEW OF THE NALP? NALP was established in 1987 as professional membership body for paralegals in order to promote paralegals as an independent profession, not only within the legal sector but also within commerce, industry and the public and private sectors. NALP is… Read more

In the Press | Are you working as a paralegal without realising it?

  Paralegals are not just people who have studied law. Being trained to perform certain tasks, like drafting contracts, is important for many companies. They may not necessarily wish to use the services of a solicitor each time they require such a contract because, economically, it may not be… Read more