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Paralegal News - November, 2019

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In the Press | November News Coverage Roundup

  November 2019 News Coverage Roundup   Last month Craig Johnson, a NALP Senior Licensed Paralegal and a Professional McKenzie Friend and NALP CEO Amanda Hamilton featured in various media sources. Here are some of the highlights:   On November 11th a piece titled “What to do if you need to take your… Read more

Simply Law Jobs | What is a Paralegal?

  Amanda Hamilton chats with our trusted partners Simply Law Jobs about Paralegals and when businesses and consumers should use one.    Why would someone choose a paralegal?   Cost: Utilising the services of solicitors can be expensive. Solicitors charge on average over £200 per hour and some, more senior… Read more

In The Press | Bad Mouthing

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In The Press | October News Coverage Roundup

  October 2019 News Coverage Roundup   The month of October saw a ton of press activity for NALP and its CEO Amanda Hamilton. NALP member Craig Johnson continued getting some media attention. Here are the highlights:   To start off, on October 1st Neconnected published a piece “Your business T&Cs - top… Read more

Blog | Could using a paralegal save you money if you’re in the unfortunate position of having to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent?

  By Amanda Hamilton, NALP   Are you a Landlord in the unfortunate position of needing to get tenant out of your property? This is an unpleasant situation for both sides and you may already be worried about the amount of money you have lost if the reason and… Read more