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In the Press | The Verge - Why training to become a paralegal is a great alternative pathway to a legal career


We discuss the training to become a paralegal as an alternative route into the Legal Services Profession with the Verge. 


If you have embarked upon a law degree, you’re probably already well aware of what is happening in the legal sector.  The end of your degree is really just the beginning as you decide which route to take into the legal profession.

However, qualifying as a solicitor or barrister is not only time consuming but also extremely costly. As a result, fewer and fewer students are able to take this route – even if they are passionate about a legal career. Not only do they have to pay £27k for the privilege of gaining a law degree, graduates then have to find another £15k to complete the professional examinations, whether it’s the Legal Practice course (LPC) for solicitors or Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) for barristers.

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