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Finders International | New Accredited Paralegal Members


This month we are thrilled to welcome the Finders International Team as NALP Accredited members. 

Amanda Hamilton NALP’s CEO presented the Finders International Paralegals with their Fellowship and Licence to Practise Certificates, giving recognition to the talented Paralegals who work closely with global probate genealogy firms. 

Finders International is a professional firm of probate research genealogists, commonly known as ‘Heir Hunters’ following the BBC TV show of this name. They trace missing beneficiaries identify and locate heirs to estates, property and assets worldwide.


“The significance of this accreditation is the recognition given to talented NALP paralegals who work closely with global probate genealogy firms. This supports careers in genealogy as a recognised and credible area of legal practice.”


Danny Curran, founder and chairman of the IAPPR and MD of Finders International, the global genealogy firm featured on the BBC’s Heir Hunters, commented:  “We are delighted to receive NALP accreditation which is part of our global campaign to raise awareness of the rewarding and fulfilling careers one can have as a probate genealogist. As more individuals are attracted to this industry here and abroad, receiving greater recognition through working with NALP is hugely encouraging news for the industry.”

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