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In the Press | August News Coverage Roundup



August 2019 News Coverage Roundup



The month of August saw a ton of press activity for NALP! Here are some of the highlights:


On August 6th, "Dispelling the myths and incorrect assumptions about paralegals" by CEO of NALP Amanda Hamilton appeared in The Barrister Magazine! Read it here:

Amanda's piece on writing your business's terms and conditions was published in Keep the Faith on the 12th:

The 16th saw her article, "Amanda Reveals Unfair Trading Solutions if You're Not Satisfied with a Tradesperson" appear in The Organiser:

And this article was also published in The Money Pages on the 16th!

Simply Law Jobs hosted Amanda's article "How to write a paralegal covering letter when engaging a new client" on August 19th.

On the 21st, NALP published Amanda's exclusive blog piece, "The Future of the Paralegal Sector":

The next day, NALP continued our guest blog series with Simply Law Jobs, announcing their partnership with Lawyer Monthly

Finally, The Hospital and Medical Care Association published their guest blog "Private Healthcare is Peace of Mind" on the NALP website on August 28!



That's it for this month, but keep an eye on this page for more blogs, press updates, and roundups!



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