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Legal Guide | Taking Your Employer to Tribunal


The reasons an employee might take their employer to tribunal are various: Poor pay, discrimination and sexual harassment are among the most common.

Also, if you’ve been working for an employer for two years, and have been dismissed due to, or during, maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or jury service, or you have been forced to retire, this may be deemed unfair dismissal. Alternatively, if you feel you’ve been forced to leave because staying in your job is untenable, then this may be construed as constructive dismissal.

In all these cases, you are entitled to bring an action against your employer through an employment tribunal. Traditionally, tribunals were created to be less costly and a speedier form of resolving disputes. Taking your employer to a tribunal doesn’t need to involve the services or the costs of a solicitor. There is plenty of information and guidance online, and virtually all the work can be done electronically.

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