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Legal Guide | What is an Employment Tribunal?

What is an Employment Tribunal?

Tribunals are independent judicial bodies that are less formal than courts and were initially created to be more accessible and less daunting for individuals to resolve issues and disputes.

Employment tribunals are just one of eight main Tribunals in England and Wales. The others are:

  • Immigration Services Tribunal,
  • Lands Tribunal,
  • Social Security & Child Support Commissioners,
  • The Criminal Injuries and Compensation Appeals Panel,
  • The Mental Health Review Tribunal,
  • Pensions Appeal Tribunals, and
  • Asylum & Immigration Tribunal.

Taking an employer to a tribunal doesn’t need to involve the services or the costs of a solicitor and there is plenty of information and guidance online, and virtually all the work can be done electronically.

Read the full guide on written by NALP on BYTESTART here

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