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The Barrister Magazine | Striving for an Inclusive Legal Services Sector

NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses "Striving for an Inclusive Legal Services Sector" in The Barrister Magazine 


The consequence of increasing numbers of institutions able to offer the professional qualifications has caused irrevocable damage to the lives of graduates who have been misled into thinking that their career pathways would be mapped out, just because they have completed an LLB or LPC. In fact, this is most definitely not the case for most, because there are simply not enough training contracts or pupillages to go around. Is it any wonder that there is a new underground profession rising from the ranks of this disappointed group of individuals?

Now emerging as the fastest growing legal service professionals are paralegals. The work that paralegals do, offers a lifeline into a sector that disappointed graduates may not otherwise be able to enter into.  The slack left by the virtual eradication of legal aid is being filled by paralegals and offers a lifeline to consumers. And yet, there still remains a reluctance (or is it fear?) on the part of the regulated professions to recognise paralegals as independent professionals in their own right, when all that paralegals are trying to do is to fill the gaps left as a consequence of decisions made by the traditional professions.

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