In the Press | Advice for Paralegals on Reserved Activities and Holding Out

  Increasing numbers of paralegals are gaining Licences to Practise and opening up their own firms, thanks to the opening up of legal services to consumers, giving them the opportunity to attain access to justice at a reasonable cost. This is great for both consumers and the paralegal professions but there two things a Paralegal must never do. National Paralegals CEO Amanda Hami... Read More

The Importance of Paralegal Membership Bodies to Protect Consumers

  Because the Paralegal Sector is not statutorily regulated, in effect, anyone can call themselves a paralegal whether or not they are qualified, trained, educated or affiliated to a professional membership body such as NALP.  The potential dangers to the general public are therefore considerable. Amanda Hamilton, National Paralegals CEO discusses the importance of membersh... Read More

Paralegal Job | Freelance Roles at Lawyers Online

  Lawyers Online are looking to recruit freelance paralegals who would work as part of the Lawyers Online brand and law firm. You would be required to work for £40 an hour with a view to advising under the Lawyers Online brand. Laywers Online intend to be a market disruptor by offering affordable legal advice to those clients that no longer qualify for legal aid. Legal advice at... Read More

Paralegal Job | Fintech Contracts Manager in London

    Fintech Contracts Manager Location: London  Exciting legal position in a Financial Software and Managed Services Company, with an international office network. On a steep growth curve, the company are currently looking to hire an IT Contracts Manager, assisting the Legal Counsel with a wide range of legal duties.  Experience required within: Technology... Read More

Finders International | New Accredited Paralegal Members

  This month we are thrilled to welcome the Finders International Team as NALP Accredited members.  Amanda Hamilton NALP’s CEO presented the Finders International Paralegals with their Fellowship and Licence to Practise Certificates, giving recognition to the talented Paralegals who work closely with global probate genealogy firms.  Finders International is a prof... Read More

Paralegal Job in Entertainment | Discovery Inc

  One of the biggest misconceptions is that Paralegals only work within Law Firms, part of NALP's mission is to show the fantastic career opportunities for Paralegals and promoting the work you do!  We are always keeping an eye out for exciting paralegal jobs out there in a variety of industries to share it with our members.  Paralegal Position at Discovery Inc... Read More

Why transparency is more important than ever in the Legal Services Sector

How can we expect the legal services sector to continue offering an excellent service to the consumer if providers, and voluntary regulators, are not being transparent? Making statements on websites that are not strictly untrue, but knowingly making them in order to invoke assumptions on behalf of the reader that are obviously incorrect, is indeed misleading and possibly fraudulent.... Read More

Paralegal Job in Fashion | River Island

  Looking for a career in Fashion? Training to become a paralegal opens up a variety of exciting careers within so many industries. The common misconception that Paralegals are simply assistants within Law Firms must change, we are working hard to promote paralegal professionals and the work you do within the legal sector and across different industries.  We are excited to... Read More

In the Press | Transparency within the Legal Sector

Transparency must include the status of the individual or organisation offering the service, fees that will be charged for each service offered, any potential conflicts of interest and any complaints procedure. For example, it would be misleading to state that ‘we are a government recognised professional body’ when in fact what it is really being stated is that ‘we... Read More

In the Press | How to legally evict a tenant for non-payment of rent

Evicting a tenant can be the most stressful situation any private landlord can find themselves in, Paralegals offer excellent legal assistance for such situations.  NALPs CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses the legal procedure and how a Paralegal could help.