In the Press | The Future of the legal sector lies in the hands of Paralegals

  NALPs CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses the role of Paralegals within the Legal Sector and how Paralegals excel with bespoke qualifications and training.    NALP offers a number of courses for aspiring paralegals. What are the benefits of doing a course with NALP?   I think in this day and age, and with the sector having changed so rapidly over... Read More

In the Press | What does the future hold for Paralegals

  The myth surrounding Paralegals, which appears to be promoted by certain traditional professionals, is that they are nothing more than would-be solicitors or barristers, trying to find training contracts or pupillages in vain. Such myths are exacerbated by the fact that many graduates are so desperate to gain experience that they are offering their services voluntarily or for a min... Read More

In the Press | Business Crowd - What is a Paralegal?

    A Paralegal is legally trained and educated to perform legal tasks and offer legal assistance but is not a qualified solicitor. However, a Paralegal can do virtually everything that a solicitor can do except activities that are referred to as: ‘Reserved Activities’ (which we’ll cover later).   There is no statutory regulation for paralegals in... Read More

In the Press | Setting up a Paralegal Business

More and more paralegals are setting themselves up in practice in order to offer vital legal services direct to consumers.  With solicitors and barristers charging upwards of £150 per hour, many people are now turning to Paralegals who can do much the same as a solicitor or barrister (with a few exceptions) but for a fraction of the cost. Paralegals are currently a growth area... Read More

In the Press | Three ways to check if a Paralegal is Licenced to Practise – before you engage them.

Most Paralegals offer a great service, at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor or barrister, but it is still worth checking that you are using a registered practitioner: If they do not work for a solicitor or barrister, then you should ensure that they are a member of a professional body such as NALP (National Association of Licenced Paralegals) or registered with the PPR (Professiona... Read More

In the Press | Using the Small Claims Court without engaging a solicitor

The Small Claims Court If the amount of money owed is small enough you can deal with it yourself without employing the services of a solicitor. The ‘Small Claims Court’ which is part of the County Court was originally created to enable a lay-person (someone who is not legally qualified) to take another individual to court. The maximum amount of a claim that you can deal... Read More

In the Press | How can paralegals assist you in legal matters?

  Why would you choose a paralegal over a solicitor? Cost: Solicitors often charge over £200 per hour. On average, paralegals charge between £20 - £50 per hour. A paralegal may assist you up to a point, and then you may need the services of a solicitor. For example, if the case is serious and cannot be resolved, and will eventually end up in court. However, for t... Read More

In the Press | What Paralegals can do for Private Client Work

If you are part of a forward-thinking solicitors’ practice, and your Paralegal staff sign-up to a professional membership body like the National Association of Licenced Paralegals (NALP), they have access to training and can gain formal qualifications, adding value to your firm and its reputation. NALP has been a membership body for Paralegals for over 30 years and is also an accred... Read More

In the Press | Is there a Paralegal in your Business?

How paralegals can benefit your business Having the right legal advice and assistance when required is essential for any business. This is where paralegals, with the appropriate training, can help, and can save on hefty solicitors' fees. If you are prepared to offer your paralegal personnel formal recognition by encouraging them to join a professional body such as National Associat... Read More

Looking to the future - what does it hold for the Paralegal Sector?

The Paralegal Profession needs recognition in its own right - and not just as an extension of the traditional regulated ones. Once the sector, as a whole, addresses and accepts this fact, we can all move forward.  Paralegals are able to apply for Licensed Access to the Bar and this means that once granted, they can instruct barristers directly. This is not a hopeful comment about the fut... Read More