In the Press | How to collect unpaid debts - without a solicitor

  Whether you work for yourself or run a small business, collecting money that is owed that can be a stressful activity - especially if the person who owes you is ignoring all your phone calls and letters. Here are the steps you need to take if you're considering legal action to reclaim a debt. Read our step by step guide here

In the Press | Debt collection without engaging a solicitor

Whether you work for yourself or run a small business, the most difficult thing to manage is cash flow. So, what can you do if you are owed money and the person is ignoring all your phone calls and letters? Firstly, don’t panic! Late payments has become part of the small business culture, but there may be some who try to evade making payments. This is when you will need to look at the... Read More

In the Press | How to set up a paralegal practice

More and more Paralegals are setting themselves up in practice, offering their legal services direct to consumers. And with an increasing number of people choosing to use the services of a Paralegal, now is a good time to set up your own practice.  Read our step by step guide to setting up a paralegal business.  Source:

How to set up a business as a paralegal

Remember that your clients are consumers of legal services. They want to know that the person offering legal assistance is qualified and competent to do so. It would also help if you were a member of a membership body such as NALP which has been a Paralegal organization for thirty years and well established in the legal sector. Source:

In the Press | Lawyer Monthly - Should you set up a paralegal business?

  Amanda Hamilton discusses the steps to setting up your own Paralegal Practice in Lawyer Monthly. Read it here

In the Press | How to make a claim for unpaid money at Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court which is part of the County Court was originally created to enable a lay-person (someone who is not legally qualified)  to take another individual to court. Unpaid invoice? Check out our handy step by step guide to taking someone to small claims court. You may be surprised that you don't need to hire a solicitor if you do need further assistance a Pa... Read More

In The Press | How to set up your own Paralegal Firm

Amanda Hamilton NALPs CEO gives a step by step guide to setting up a Paralegal Business   So the very first thing you need to do is gain a paralegal or legal qualification or at the very least get some paralegal training and then, as much experience as possible. This does not have to be with a solicitor or barrister, because nowadays you can gain the relevant legal experience by w... Read More

Explaining the Small Claims Court Process

Unpaid Invoice? How to recover money through Small Claims Court.  NALPs CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses with Small Business how to take someone to small claims court to recover unpaid invoices. The process is simple and with this step by step guide, we'll discuss how you can do it without the need of a solicitor. If you do need further legal advice, a paralegal may be a ... Read More

Legal Assistant Job | Tech - Google

Legal Assistant at Google  - London Office This is a fantastic entry-level position for at Google, great for gaining hands-on experience the fast-paced tech world!  As a Legal Assistant, you are a driving force behind the success of your Legal team, ready to roll up your sleeves to create and improve processes, maintain records, conduct legal research and coordinate... Read More

Paralegal Job | Travel Brand - Culture Trip

Paralegal Job in Travel Brand - Culture Trip We are keeping our eyes out for exciting paralegal jobs across the UK to share with our Paralegal Members, sharing paralegal roles outside of Legal Firms to demonstrate what a fantastic career path becoming a paralegal can be!  Remember, all questions and applications should be sent directly to the recruiters. Culture Trip - Londo... Read More