What Skills and Qualifications do Paralegals need?

Over the years working in the legal profession, teaching law and running NALP, I have been asked on many occasions to describe what skills and qualifications are required to be a paralegal. Firstly, let's define a Paralegal! Paralegals are educated and trained to perform legal tasks and offer legal assistance, but they are not qualified solicitors. Paralegals can perform many of th... Read More

Speaking with Impact and Presenting with Confidence Workshop

NALP is proud to announce that it has teamed up with ‘Resonance Voice Training’ to offer a one-off workshop specially for NALP Members in ‘Speaking with Impact’ and ‘Presenting with Confidence’. ‘Resonance’ is an established organisation, led by its founder, Louise Kerr, who has appeared on TV in such programmes as ‘Faking it’ and... Read More

British Citizens' Award 2018

  Last month I had the great pleasure of attending the House of Lords to honour Dr Peter Minto. The event was hosted by The Rt Hon. The Lord Dhokalia, a Liberal Democrat life peer, who has worked in local politics and served as a member for the Commission for racial equality.  Dr Peter Minto was a senior law lecturer at Sunderland University and was the co-found... Read More

In the Press | Small Business - Unpaid Invoices

If your business is owed money, then as long as it is less than £10,000, you can use the ‘small claims court’ to recover what is owed to you. Part of the county court, the small claims court was originally created to enable a layperson (ie someone who is not legally qualified) to take another individual to court. The process is relatively simple, and you can do it you... Read More

Are you working as a Paralegal without realising it?

In the UK alone, there are an estimated 200,000 plus paralegals working in a variety of fields, and for diverse employers, who are unaware that they are paralegals. Are you one of them? NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses paralegal qualifications and how to progress your legal career through further paralegal training.   Source http://executivesecretary.com/are-you-... Read More

1000s of people are working as paralegals without realising it – can you identify them?

Amanda Hamilton NALPs CEO looks at the 'hidden' paralegals currently working in the legal sector The definition of a paralegal is 'a person who are trained and educated to perform legal tasks, but who are not qualified solicitors barristers or chartered legal executives'       Our latest feature in Career Matters, January Publication.... Read More

What is a paralegal and when should I use one?

NALPs CEO Amanda Hamilton Discusses the tasks paralegals can perform and how to ensure you are employing a registered paralegal.    A Paralegal is legally trained and educated to perform legal tasks and offer legal assistance but is not a qualified solicitor. However, a paralegal can do virtually everything that a solicitor can do expert activites that are referred to as 'Res... Read More

In the Press: Paralegals Vs Solicitors, what's the difference?

Most business people, if they have a legal issue, call a solicitor. But that may not always be the right decision. It may be that a paralegal is what you need. So what's the difference between a paralegal and a solicitor and when might it make sense to use one? Amanda Hamilton discusses when you might use a paralegal over a solicitor in this published article in New Business.  R... Read More

Paralegals vs Solicitors: What's the difference?

There is no statutory regulation for paralegals, so it's important to ask for evidence of the paralegal's qualifications and experience, and check they are a member of a professional boday as the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) Amanda Hamilton NALP's CEO discusses the differenced between paralegals and solicitors and when to employ one.  READ FULL ARTI... Read More

In the Press: Paralegals, what legal assistance can they offer?

A paralegal can help writing a will or obtaining a Lasting Power of Attorney, and assist in action against your employer through a tribunal.  NALP's CEO discusses the roles and tasks paralegals can perform in the UK and how to find a qualified paralegal to hire.    Source: cornwallive.com