National Paralegal Register

'How to use the Register'

1. If you are a consume/employer looking for a paralegal to assist, you can utilise the 'Any Location' button or 'Any Legal Expertise'.
2. If you are a consumer/employer wanting to check that a paralegal is a NALP member then you can search via the 'Search a Paralegal Name' button.
(Please note that this register is only for NALP Members).

If you locate someone and they have no 'contact' button it is because they are an Affiliate (student) or have chosen not to be contacted. All members on the register will have their membership category and some will indicate their areas of expertise and whether they are Licenced to Practise. Membership Categories:
'Affiliate - usually a student ', 'A.NALP - Associate', 'Grad.NALP - Graduate', 'F.NALP - Fellow,' 'PF.NALP - Principal Fellow'.

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Tomasz Burchan Affiliate
Gabrielle Morris Affiliate
Samantha Jones Affiliate
Cristiane Meneguelli Affiliate
Anthony Mgbeokwere Grad.NALP
Dumont Nguensu Lienou Affiliate
Adila Shahzadi Affiliate
Monika Vetrano Grad.NALP
Paul Njoku Grad.NALP
Hilary Okongo Grad.NALP
Gamila Duale Affiliate
Zahra Salim Affiliate
Alicia Arickswamy Affiliate
Nasra Mohamed Grad.NALP
Ammar Tuma Affiliate
Osila Osarobode Affiliate
Paulinus Okorie Affiliate
Zainab Raza Affiliate
Lauryn Noyce Affiliate
Tehniat Syed Syed Affiliate
Bilge Bilgili Grad.NALP
Merlyn Goveas Affiliate
Charles Umole Affiliate
Emily Turvey Affiliate
Anthony Rollins PF.NALP

Location North West

Caroline Baldwin Affiliate
Caroline Siswick Affiliate
Maria Iosif Affiliate
Olena Vasiliou Affiliate
Dominique Davis Affiliate

Location International

Natalie Steliou Affiliate

Location International

Jennifer Taylor Affiliate
Katie Banks Affiliate
Dawn Bradley Affiliate
Polly Jackson A.NALP
Michelle Roxas Affiliate