Promoting Paralegal Professionals
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Membership Information

All Membership Fees....

Include registration for the PPR which currently is at a reduced rate of £20 (plus an extra £2 administration fee if you are paying through the NALP wesbite via paypal). If you do not wish to be on the PPR, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Please ensure that you read the eligibility criteria for each membership category. If you are in doubt please contact us first. email: Telephone: 0845 862 7000 (calls charged at 2p/min  plus any additional charge from your mobile or landline operator) or email us a telephone number with a time, and we will phone you back.

Six types of NALP membership to suit all experience:


1. Legal Secretarial Membership

2. Affiliate Membership

3. Associate Membership 

4. Graduate Membership 

5. Fellowship Membership (routes 1 & 2) 

6. Licensed Membership 

CURRENT NALP STUDENTS please remember to keep your Affiliate membership up to date in order to be assessed. Course fees only include membership and assessment for one year (subject to when you enrol).

IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR MEMBERSHIP FOR THE FIRST TIME, The burden of proof lies with you to provide NALP with sufficient evidence to comply with the eligibility criteria for that type of membership. 

IF YOU ARE RENEWING YOUR LICENCED MEMBERSHIP, please provide NALP with a list of CPD (12 hours) completed within the past year together with evidence of completion.