Level 3 Single Unit Qualifications

NALP’s Level 3 single subject qualifications give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the English legal system. Perhaps you have an interest in a specific area of the law. Maybe you need to add knowledge to progress your career.

In each of these subjects, you’ll get a strong introduction and foundation into the individual legal areas, adding to your knowledge of English Civil Law.

Who should enrol?

Perfect if you want to expand your knowledge, especially if your job requires you to have very specific knowledge and skills.

NALP membership

You need to hold at least Affiliate membership of NALP to study and complete these qualifications. All learners of single subject qualifications are provided with one year’s Affiliate membership free of charge. If you do not complete the qualification within 12 months, you will need to renew your membership.

What you'll study

Introduction to Law for Paralegals

Get a strong introduction into the English legal system and an understanding of the general principles of Contract and Tort Law.

You’ll study the law-making process, court structure, roles of key legal personnel and methods of dispute. 

Commercial Law for Paralegals

In this qualification, you’ll gain a detailed knowledge of aspects of commercial law. You’ll understand the business mediums of companies and partnerships and will be able to identify the appropriate business medium in given scenarios.

You’ll understand the scope of commercial contracts and contract law, including the concept of confidential information and how to protect it. 

Legal Ethics & Responsibilities for Paralegals

This qualifications aims to give you a good understanding of paralegal responsibilities in relation to client care. Develop a deep understanding of methods of appropriate professional conduct and be ready to apply client care to any given situation. 

Wills & Succession for Paralegals

Gain a thorough understanding of the procedure and practice of Wills and Succession with this qualification. You’ll be able to effectively assist in Wills and Succession matters in a solicitor’s firm or paralegal firm as well as develop key skills in taking effective instructions. 

Civil Litigation for Paralegals

In this qualification you’ll study how the process of civil litigation is conducted within the areas of debt recovery, personal injury, consumer law and family law. 

In understanding how civil actions are commenced, funded and defunded, you will be able to effectively assist in civil litigation cases in practice or provide services to legal departments involved in litigation. 

Criminal Litigation for Paralegals

In this qualification, you’ll gain detailed knowledge into the key aspects of criminal litigation and criminal litigation procedure in Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court from arrest to trial. 

You’ll be able to demonstrate the principles of professional conduct in criminal litigation, through learning key skills and being able to interpret legal language. 

Conveyancing for Paralegals

In this qualification you’ll learn the conveyancing process in England and Wales and be able to apply the knowledge to give scenarios. 

Key practical skills you’ll learn will include taking instructions from clients and matters relating to the client interview.

Employment Practice for Paralegals

This qualification allows you to gain in-depth knowledge into contractual relationships and wider scope of employment law. You can develop skills to apply the law in practical situations and understand where paralegals can play a role in employment practice and HR departments. 

Consumer Rights & Remedies for Paralegals

In this qualification, you’ll gain detailed knowledge of key consumer legislation in England and Wales and the practice of providing initial consumer advice. 

In understanding consumer law and the procedure for providing consumer advice, you’ll be ready to progress to a higher level of learning in related substantive law areas. 

How this course is studied

Distance learning, class attendance or blended learning - check with your centre

All course material is provided on enrolment. Our approach to learning includes case studies and scenarios, allowing you to apply your knowledge and preparing your practical skills to work as a paralegal. 

How long will it take me to complete?

You will have a maximum of two years to complete the Level 3 Diploma or Certificate and a maximum of one year to complete the Level 3 Award from date of enrolment. However, it is probable that the actual time it will take you to complete the course will be far less.

Course fees

Course fees are set by the training centre. To find a NALP approved Training Centre, click here.


These qualifications are designed to be offered to learners from the age of 16, although in practice the majority of learners are likely to be over 18. NALP does not specify entry requirements other than that a reasonable standard of written English is required. However, Centres delivering this course are required to ensure that learners who undertake these programmes have sufficient capability at the right level to be suitable to undertake Level 3 assessment.


These single subject qualifications provide you with additional skills and knowledge to increase your employability. If you wish to expand your knowledge of English Law by taking a full Level 3 Certificate, Award or Diploma, these qualifications would be recognised as Prior Learning.