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Paralegal skills

Amanda Hamilton, NALP CEO, discusses the skills required to become a qualified Paralegal:

Graduating with a law degree

Amanda Hamilton, CEO, talks about the options a graduate has after completing their law degree:

The legal services sector

Amanda Hamilton discusses the importance of the legal services sector and why they need to work together and embrace the different areas of the industry:

Tom Mortimer joins NALP as Academic Director

See what Amanda Hamilton has to say about new members joining NALP and what their roll is in the business:

Compliance in the paralegal sector

Amanda Hamilton, CEO, talks about compliance in the paralegal sector and why it may be more important now than ever before.

How can my business collect a debt

Amanda Hamilton, CEO, discusses how businesses can collect debt:

Behaviour in the court room

Taking someone to court should be your last resort when it comes to any conflict but if it does get to this point it’s important to know court room behaviour:

Paralegals salary

Have you ever wondered how much paralegals earn? Amanda Hamilton breaks down the pay for a paralegal.