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The impact of the pandemic on paralegals

Amanda Hamilton talks about how the pandemic has impacted the paralegal industry.

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The price we pay post lockdown

Amanda Hamilton, CEO, discusses the complications and how to recover post lockdown

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Growth areas for paralegals as we come out of lockdown

No doubt lockdown has been tough for everyone.  Amanda Hamilton talks about the areas to focus on as we come out of lockdown.
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Is it illegal to not wear a mask?

Last year the government introduced various rules and regulations the public were required to stick to in a bid to tackle the spread of coronavirus. Here is a rundown of the various rules and the legalities of each…


Does your employer have the legal right to ask you back to the office?

Amanda Hamilton, CEO of NALP, discusses the rights of employers and employees when deciding working arrangements post-pandemic. Including how to respectfully negotiate working practices that suit you, while respecting contracts and the needs of the business. Coverage in:

How to proceed if you want to re-negotiate your office lease

During the lockdown, many firms couldn’t use their offices but were caught in legal contracts. In these articles, Amanda Hamilton breaks down the legality of lease contracts and the best way to go about renegotiating them to better suit your current company position. Coverage in:

Do you have the right to pay in cash?

Amanda Hamilton, CEO of NALP, comments on using cash in today’s society including rules around Covid-19 and the legal standpoint when asking to pay in cash. Coverage in:

MoneyMagpie: 29th March 2021

What can you do about your noisy neighbours?

In these articles, Amanda Hamilton runs through the proper process for dealing with noisy neighbours. Including who to call and who not to, what counts as ‘noisy’ (music, dog barking, general noise) and the timelines involved for dealing with such problems. Coverage in: