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The flexible route to a paralegal career

Have you ever thought about a career as a paralegal but assumed that you can’t afford it? Find out what Amanda Hamilton, Patron NALP, has to say:

Legal Exams

Legal exams and assessments can be stressful. Here are some answers and tips from Amanda Hamilton, Patron NALP:

Paralegal Qualifications

As with any investment or expenditure, you need to be confident that you will secure some value. Find out what NALP members have to say about gaining paralegal qualifications:

Becoming a solicitor

Working as a paralegal practitioner can be a rewarding career option in itself. Find out what Amanda Hamilton, Patron of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP), says about how spending time as a paralegal can lead to becoming a solicitor.

Planning for the unexpected

Contemplating the worst-case scenarios for you or your business isn’t easy, but important. Find out what Jane Robson, CEO NALP, has to say:

What to do with a sudden death

As uncomfortable as it might be, you have to consider what you would do if one or more of those people suddenly die. Here is what Jane Robson has to say:

AI in Law

AI in law is revolutionising legal research and document analysis, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. Find out what Yasmin Underwood, defence consultant and member of NALP, has to say:

Equality, Prejudice and Discrimination

Laws may be there to protect individuals legally in theory, but in practice, they don’t prevent inequality injustices or discrimination from actually happening. Find out what Amanda Hamilton, Patron of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals, has to say: