Tips from Members

If you have a legal issue you are trying to resolve, the articles here may be useful. Each article has been produced by a NALP member about common consumer and business-related legal issues. Each article aims to provide you with a number of tips or things to consider when thinking about how to resolve the legal issue you have. 

If you find the article useful and you feel that the author can help you further, please get in touch through the National Paralegal Register, by clicking on the link in the article.

How NALP has helped me

September 2021 marks the third year of my association with National Association of Licensed Paralegals. I still vividly remember talking to Amanda Hamilton while planning

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Please remember that the information and opinions given on this page are likely to be general in nature and so consumers are encouraged to speak directly with a NALP Paralegal, or other legal services professional, prior to taking any action. NALP accepts no responsibility for the consequences of individuals reliance on the information provided on this page.

The legal topics you, as a paralegal, need to know about"