Why join NALP?

If you are considering joining NALP, here are a set of compelling reasons you should...

The National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) works tirelessly to strengthen the voice of paralegals in the legal world. Whether you are making your first steps into the legal world, or are highly experienced, there are a lot of reasons why you should join us:

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1. Be part of a highly respected community

Estimates suggest there are over 100,000 paralegals in England alone. More and more of these are joining NALP.

2. Keep up to date with the latest sector news

NALP members receive our regular newsletter and engage in our LinkedIn page to maintain awareness and discuss the implications of what is happening in English Law. Join and be part of the conversation.

3. The National Paralegal Register

Whether you are looking for a new role, or actively looking for clients, the National Paralegal Register lists all members to show they are a member.

4. National Paralegal Day

The highlight of our calendar year. Join us for National Paralegal Day to celebrate the role paralegals play in English Law, meet your fellow members and chat and meet with old friends, and new.

5. 1-2-1 consultations

Every member gets a consultation with one of our senior team to get advice and guidance on being a paralegal. If you have your own practice, maybe some suggestions on how you could improve your marketing or PR. If you’re looking to progress your career, maybe you’d like to discuss the best ways to do this.

6. License to Practise

When new or potential clients enquire about your services, they want to be confident that you are competent to help them. NALP’s License to Practise will help you stand out from the competition.

7. Monthly webinars

Join our monthly webinars on subjects important to paralegals. Each month’s topic is designed to help you, and your fellow members, with your paralegal career. If you cannot attend live, we record them and make the video available on your member’s dashboard.

8. Top level training and qualifications

NALP qualifications are certified by Ofqual and designed to help you progress your paralegal career. Whether you are taking your first steps or to launch your career, our qualifications are ideal.

9. Promote yourself

Get noticed by being published through NALP. We regularly publish articles on our website as well as getting them into the national press.

10. Press and media activity

Keep yourself up to date with what is important in the legal industry. NALP is published 100s of times a year to further promote the role of paralegals.

11. Know about the latest jobs available

We partner with Simply Law Jobs and Momenta group to keep our members informed on the very best paralegal jobs as they appear.

To choose the right membership level for you, review the eligibility criteria here. With membership available from just £60 a year, being part of the longest running paralegal membership body in the UK is a great step in your paralegal career.