Licence to practise

£100 / year

Why you should have a Licence to Practise

When new or potential clients enquire about your services, they want to be confident that you can help them. NALP’s Licence to Practise can help you assure them and, in turn, win more business.

NALP’s Licence to Practise shows your clients that you:

  • Have been independently vetted by the foremost paralegal body in the UK
  • Are maintaining your knowledge and skills through regular CPD studies
  • Are providing protection for your clients by holding Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Have the backing of the longest-running paralegal body in the UK.

For just £100 a year, make yourself stand out from the competition!

paralegal writing notes for a legal case

NALP is a self-regulatory body for its members and as such we offer members the opportunity to apply for a ‘NALP Licence to Practise’.

N.B. NALP cannot grant you a Licence to Practise if you are operating as an Immigration Adviser or wish to practise conveyancing. Please revert to the OISC (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner) for the former and the CLC (Council for Licenced Conveyancers) for the latter.

Please note that there are strict eligibility criteria to fulfill such as:

1. being either an Associate NALP member (A.NALP), a Graduate (Grad.NALP), a NALP Fellow (F.NALP) or a NALP Principal Fellow (PF.NALP) with a minimum of 3 years experience and competency in the area(s) of law in which you wish to practise,

2. providing evidence of such experience and competency in the form of qualifications and letters of reference from employers or clients (the burden lies with applicants to provide this)

3. have Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) in place prior to making the application – we now have a specialised broker waiting to give you a quotation – see how to get a quote: Professional Indemnity Company

The cost of making an application for a Licence is £100 and this is non-refundable, so please ensure that you have the appropriate evidence and fulfill the criteria before making the application.

Download an application for a NALP Licence to Practise here.

Pay the fee for a NALP Licence to Practise here.

Renewing your Annual Licence

Licences are renewed annually and will only be granted if you have fullfilled your 12 hours law related CPD and provide evidence of this. Check out the NALP Centres that offer CPD accredited courses. If you are unsure what will be accepted as CPD, then please contact us either by email: or phone: 020 7112 8034

National Paralegal Register (NPR)

This is a Register that is free for current NALP members. You can add your details to this in order to help you market yourself. If you are a NALP member that has not yet gained a Licence to Practise, then adding your name to the NPR will mean that prospective employers can check to see if you are a member and could offer you work. If you are a NALP Licensed Member, then you can market yourself or your firm to consumers in order to offer advice and assistance in the area of expertise in which you are licensed to practice. Please ensure you complete a form to give your consent to this and which contact details you would like on the Register. If you haven’t received one, you can email us at: or phone 020 7112 8034

Licence to practise

£100 / year