Apprenticeships for paralegals are growing in popularity and fully supported by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

If you (or someone in your team, if you are an employer) are doing, or planning to do, a Paralegal apprenticeship, you need to demonstrate what you have learnt, and that you can perform all aspects of your training. You do that with an End Point Assessment

NALP is an End Point Assessing Organisation. (EPAO); one of just three in the United Kingdom that are recognised to deliver the Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship End Point Assessment.

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The Route to End Point Assessment

The Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship is now available. NALP will be delivering the new End Point Assessment. This will mean that, before you can complete your paralegal apprenticeship, you have to:

  • Complete your portfolio
  • Enter the gateway
  • Be assessed
  • Complete a project and produce a report and presentation
  • Undergo a Professional Discussion based on your Portfolio

If you have already completed a portfolio under the previous Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship Standard, NALP may still be able to assist you by checking your Portfolio and checking it against the new Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs) before you go through the Gateway to the EPA.

But only if we are the chosen EPAO for your training provider. If you want to the assessed by the only specialist paralegal membership organisation, please tell your training provider.


For Employers

NALP is the longest-running professional paralegal body in the UK. Having your paralegal apprentices assessed by NALP will give you complete confidence that they have the knowledge you need them to have.

As the only paralegal membership body that is recognised by Ofqual, you know that we take learning and assessment seriously.

We have been closely involved in the review of the Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship Standard and End Point Assessment and will be providing full guidance to Employers, as well as the apprentices and training providers.

We also offer fully regulated and paralegal-specific qualifications that your apprentices could chose to take alongside their apprenticeship, further enhancing their knowledge and giving them fully recognised qualifications.

Talk to your apprenticeship training provider to ensure you get accurately assessed paralegal apprentices in your firm.

For Apprentices

When starting your career as a paralegal, you want to be confident that you have learnt, and can apply, everything you need to. Being assessed by NALP will give you the confidence that this is the case.

Whilst there are no mandatory qualifications with the Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship Standard, you might decide that you would benefit from having an additional qualification alongside your apprenticeship. NALP also offer recognised and regulated qualifications specifically designed for paralegals that could complement your apprenticeship and give you an internationally recognised Level 3 qualification alongside your apprenticeship.

Do Paralegals Work From Home

For Apprenticeship Training Providers

NALP is a fully recognised Awarding Organisation and offers not only the Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship End Point Assessment but other qualifications at levels 3, 4 and 7 that have been designed specifically for paralegals. We will be providing full training and guidance to our new Centres wishing to use us for the End Point Assessments.

You can download our Qualification Specification here

Level 3 Qualification Specification