Improve your knowledge and understanding of Common Law, progressing your career as you go

Whether you are entering the paralegal profession for the first time, or looking to expand your knowledge, our Ofqual certified paralegal qualifications are ideal.

Our qualifications will help you to:

  • Take your first steps to becoming a paralegal.
  • Launch your paralegal career, whether within a firm or as your own business
  • Gain experience to support the academic studies from your law degree
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NALP paralegal qualifications

Level 3 Qualifications

Entry level qualifications for those looking to become a paralegal

Level 4 Diploma

A benchmark qualification that will launch your paralegal career 

Level 7 Diploma

Designed to bridge the gap between an academic degree and experience

Which qualification is right for you?

Want your boss to pay?

Firms that train their staff retain their staff. Those staff are more productive too. If you want your boss to pay for your NALP qualification, click below to download the reasons why it makes sense for the firm and for you.