What is it like working in the Probate Research Industry (Video)

Chantal, PR Director for the National Association of Licensed Paralegals discusses with Ryan Gregory what it is liking working as a paralegal in the Probate Research industry. Join us for 30 minutes of conversation, including a bit about what it is like on TV. Ryan was part of the cast for Heir Hunters. If you […]

How AI may impact the work of paralegals (Video)

Join the NALP team as they interview Robin Ghurbhurun and discuss the impact of AI and how it could impact the work that paralegals do on a day to day basis. If you want to register for upcoming webinars and events, visit our Events page to see what is happening and when. Transcript 0:04So I’d […]

Recognise Your Paralegal

How to recognise your paralegal Is there an element of legality involved in running your company? Do you have someone drafting contracts of employment or contracts to provide services, or an individual that looks over any contract received by your company? Are these individuals not qualified solicitors? If the answer to any of the above […]

The importance of regulation for paralegals (video)

 NALP webinar – the importance of regulation for paralegals In this latest webinar, our CEO, and former Director of Compliance, answers questions about regulation and compliance for paralegals. Listen as she responds to questions about: Whether paralegals are regulated, Why regulations matters, What paralegals should concentrate on when thinking about regulation, plus a series […]

How Marketing & PR can help grow your paralegal practice

How Marketing & PR can help grow your paralegal practice Watch and listen to Amanda Hamilton, our Patron, turn the tables and interview Chantal, our PR Director, and Nigel, our Marketing Manager, about how paralegals can use marketing and PR to grow their paralegal practice.

How to make your CV and covering letter more effective (video)

 NALP Webinar: make your CV and covering letter highly effective Chantal interviews Amanda Hamilton to provide you with a set of tips to improve your CV and covering letter. Plus more advice on what to do (and what not to do) during your job interview too.

NALP webinar October 2022

NALP Webinar: how to find your next perfect paralegal role This is the first, for a long time, webinar we’ve done. We have a series of them planned over the coming months. Most of them will be member’s only so please look out for future emails with booking details. Today, Amanda is talking about how […]

Working as a Paralegal is not just a ‘stepping stone’

Working as a Paralegal is not just a steppingstone

Not just a route to being a solicitor! For some years, after the term ‘paralegal’ became known in the English Legal sector (having originated in the US), the definition became synonymous with ‘a graduate who wanted to become a solicitor’ and used ‘paralegal work’ as a steppingstone to gaining that elusive training contract. For many, […]