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Amanda Hamilton, CEO of National Association of Licensed Paralegals
Amanda Hamilton

We had the pleasure of catching up with Gabriel Osamor LLB who recently graduated from The University of East London and received the NALP Higher Diploma in Paralegal Practice.


What is the NALP Higher Diploma?


The NALP Higher Diploma is available to Undergraduates studying Law at 7 Universities across England. The Higher Diploma in Paralegal Practice is integrated into the LLB undergraduate course, giving students the opportunity to further their studies and graduate with the opportunity to start working in the legal sector as a professional paralegal. 


Gabriel Osamor


Gabriel is a passionate Law graduate, who took part in some exciting opportunities alongside his degree to diversity and broaden his CV. We’re happy to say all of his hard work has paid off when he secured an apprenticeship at T. Rowe Price a global investment management firm.


What motivated you to study Law?


I was curious about the legal aspects of how companies and businesses work and after studying Law at A – Levels, I knew I wanted to study it further at university. 


During your university studies, you were involved in lots of exciting projects, tell us about them! 


In my first two years, I felt I wasn’t proactive enough with my extra circular activities so after a meeting with the Career Advisors at University, I was shown all the great opportunities and partnerships that UEL has for it’s students. 


I started going to networking events and I was selected as the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Ambassador for UEL. It was a fantastic opportunity, I was tasked with getting students at UEL to come up with creative solutions for environmental issues.


Why did you choose to complete your NALP Diploma? 


I chose to study the NALP diploma as a way to be more marketable for other opportunities if I didn’t get a Training Contract straight after University. I also saw it as an opportunity to gain practical experiences in the legal industry, to which I did to a great extent.  


How have you found the NALP Diploma has helped you when applying for jobs? 


Whenever I shared the fact that I have an additional diploma (NALP) to my Law degree to employers, it always places me at a unique position. It was also a way for me to demonstrate my research and analytical skills to employers as both modules of this course involved carrying out extensive research’s and reading lengthy documents. 


Therefore, I have developed a strong analytical skill to process large amounts of information, zeroing in on the relevant pieces of information, and the ability to work well under tight deadlines


Which was your favourite module within the Joint Diploma and why? 


Civil and Criminal litigation was my favourite module. It provided me with the opportunity to enhance my communication skills through the Mooting and Debate session where I was awarded best speaker. I was also able to improve my legal drafting skills though drafting various client care letters and pre-action protocols.


What are your career hopes?


When I first graduated I thought I’d like to become a Corporate Lawyer, however after working within an Investment firm I’ve learnt about so many other exciting roles, that still use my legal background and skills. 


So many roles that are perfectly suited for LLB Graduates, we bring a legal mindset, have excellent analytical skills and are excellent at research. Many of these skills I developed further through my modules from the NALP Joint Diploma.  


We look forward to following Gabriel’s career progression in the coming years!


Find out more about the NALP Joint Diploma


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Amanda Hamilton, CEO of National Association of Licensed Paralegals
Amanda Hamilton

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