Speaking with Impact and Presenting with Confidence

NALP is proud to announce that it has teamed up with ‘Resonance Voice Training’ to offer a one-off workshop exclusively for NALP Members in ‘Speaking with Impact’ and ‘Presenting with Confidence’.

This course has been specifically developed for paralegal professionals, offering expert coaching to improve your communication skills and confidence in speaking. The full-day workshop will be broken into two sections, giving you broad and valuable training to progress your career. 

Speaking with Impact

This section of the course is ideal for those who need to speak at meetings, to stakeholders, to their seniors, to peers or in public and anyone who wants more gravitas, improved vocal delivery and personal impact.

Through practical exercises, we'll develop skills that will allow you to manage your nerves, speak with clarity, understand pacing and controlling volume to deliver information with more impact. Working in a small group, you'll have the opportunity to test your skills, along with expert feedback with techniques to help you long after the course is over. 

Presenting with Confidence

During this section of the workshop we'll develop skills for those who need to give formal presentations with or without slides, to audiences sizes of a small group to much larger conferences. This course will develop your ability to communicate and present effectively when under pressure to diverse audiences. Becoming a confident presenter is a valuable transferable skill that will help you in your daily communications as a paralegal. 


About the Training 

‘Resonance’ is an established organisation, led by its founder, Louise Kerr, who has appeared on TV in such programmes as ‘Faking it’ and is known in performance circles as an expert in voice technique and presentation skills. Louise herself is a trained actor graduating from the Central School of Speech and Drama and has performed at the Royal National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company.

Amanda Hamilton, the CEO of NALP, has experienced the training for herself: 

"I was given the opportunity by Louise to sample a few hours of her magnificent training and can honestly say that I learned so much in that time. The exercises are geared toward improving voice and presenting skills, something I already thought I had under my belt. But clearly not!! I strongly recommend this training to all NALP members.”

Normally such training would be quite costly but as a special membership benefit, NALP is going to subsidise the cost for the day to make it more affordable and to give NALP Members the opportunity to experience this beneficial training for themselves!


COURSE FEES £250 Saving £600! 

Date: Wednesday 28th March at 9:30 am

Location: St Brides Foundation - 14 Bride Lane, London EC4Y 8EQ - just off Farringdon Road and within a few minutes’ walk of City Thameslink and Blackfriars tube station 

Limited Spaces: Eight - So early registration is recommended! 


To secure your spot on this fantastic course enrol and pay online. 

Final enrolment date is 14th March. Places are awarded on first come first served basis, as this is a unique opportunity to receive excellent trainingatr a low cost, we recommend registering asap.