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The longest running professional paralegal body in the UK

Become a member

Become a member

Join us and become part of the longest running professional paralegal community in the UK. NALP members come from a diverse range of backgrounds but are joined together by their skills and love of the law. 

certified qualifications

Regulated qualifications

As the only paralegal membership body that is recognised by Ofqual, a NALP qualification means national recognition and certification, as well as being an affordable alternative to university tuition costs.

your career

Elevate your career

We can help you enhance your career within an existing practice or organisation, or provide you with a licence to practise (subject to eligibility criteria) if you wish to start your own paralegal business. 

“NALP is a community I can lean on from time to time, for support, to answer questions or just someone to talk to. It’s massively important”

Creates effective and sought after paralegals

NALP offers bespoke paralegal qualifications through its accredited centres. These qualifications cover all you need in order to secure work in the legal services sector, public or private sectors or to start your own practice (subject to eligibility criteria).

Helps you to find fulfilling work

Expert career advice, one to one consultancy and the opportunity to market yourself in the National Paralegal Register, making it easy for employers and clients to find you. As the foremost professional body for paralegals, let our reputation assist you in your chosen career.

Promotes the profession

We help drive the expanding role of paralegals forward in the legal sector in England & Wales. As one of the most vocal advocates of the profession, NALP seeks to promote the entire sector, as well as our members.

Why become a NALP member?

  1. Be part of highly respected community of skilled and passionate paralegals
  2. Keep you up to date on the latest sector news
  3. Be part of the National Paralegal Register
  4. Take part in National Paralegal Day Events
  5. Receive regular newsletters and updates
  6. Access to 1-2-1 consultations to help you build your career
  7. Access to top level training through our range of learning centres
  8. Benefit from our press and media activity that promotes the entire profession
  9. Join our active social media groups on FB, LinkedIn & Twitter
  10. Receive regular news of the latest paralegal jobs available

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