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We would like to reassure all of our Learners that the current situation due to COVID 19 will not affect your qualifications or assessments.

All of NALP’s qualifications are designed to be studied remotely and all assessments are carried out via assignments which are, in turn, marked remotely by our team of external markers. In addition, Awarding Organisations have been classed as Key Workers at this time to ensure that Learners are not disadvantaged and are able to access assessment and, where applicable, certification with as little disruption as possible. This means that you will be able to receive your results and certificates (where applicable) within a reasonable timeframe. We are currently keeping to our usual customer service standards, but please allow a little extra time due to delays outside of our control.

Our main priority is to limit the inconvenience caused to our Learners and prevent them from being disadvantaged by the current restrictions we are all needing to adhere to. However, whilst we are available to help where necessary, all learners should contact their Centre in the first instance for any assistance.

Please be aware that NALP are not considering making any changes to the timeframes provided for completing qualifications or individual assignments at this time. This would not be appropriate due to the fact that our qualifications are designed for distance learning and assessment.

Finally we would like to wish all of our Learners well and hope that you all stay safe and follow all guidance issued by the Government and health practitioners.

NALP is the longest running UK Membership Body for Paralegals. We have dedicated over 30 years to promoting the status of Paralegal Professionals.
offer accredited Paralegal Qualifications and Legal Training. NALP is the only paralegal organisation in England that is recognised by Ofqual as a Qualifications Awarding Organisation.
NALP is a self-regulatory body for its members and as such we offer members the opportunity to apply for a NALP Licence to Practise


Your Gateway to Success in Law

NALP is dedicated to promoting the status of Paralegal Professionals and paralegal training in England & Wales and abroad.

NALP is the only paralegal organisation in England & Wales that is recognised by Ofqual as a Qualifications Awarding Organisation.

NALP is the longest-running paralegal body in the UK - established since 1987.

NALP is the only paralegal body to develop and offer our own nationally recognised paralegal qualifications.

NALP's nationally recognised qualifications are an affordable alternative to university tuition costs which will set you on the path to a rewarding career in the legal sector.


The course is very valuable in terms of the practical experience, as most of what you learn within it, is the work that you see yourself doing when working in the profession

Recent Level 7 Diploma student