What is the true impact of the virtual eradication of legal aid?

In April 2013 The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) came into force. This statute introduced funding cuts to legal aid, resulting in fewer consumers of legal services being able to gain access to advice and assistance. The coalition government’s motivation behind introducing this was, amongst other reasons, to reduce the […]

How to set up your own paralegal practice

If you are planning to set up your own paralegal practice, delivering paralegal services direct to businesses and consumers, there are several issues to consider. These range initially from whether you have sufficient qualifications and/or experience, professional status, and demand to how to go about setting up your business including the dos and dont’s. So, […]

Are Paralegals any good and is it worth using them?

For centuries in England, it’s true to say that consumers of legal services automatically consider a ‘lawyer’ to be either a solicitor or barrister. Not so anymore! With the economic squeeze affecting all of us, it’s understandable that consumers cannot afford the fees of these conventional lawyers. As consumers we also are subject to the […]

How to recognise if you are a paralegal

Does the work you do mean that you are a paralegal? It is clear that a majority of employers do not actually know what a paralegal is, and what they do.  And many employees are also not aware that they are actually carrying out skilled paralegal duties. I recently had to examine a CV of […]

How to choose between the services of a paralegal, a solicitor and a barrister

There are two traditional legal professionals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: solicitors and barristers. Both are statutorily regulated professions, meaning both have membership bodies and regulatory bodies and the only people who can refer to themselves as ‘solicitors’ or ‘barristers’ are those who have been through the prescribed training process for either profession. Indeed, […]

How to find legal help

The most problematic element, when things go terribly wrong, is finding the appropriate help and assistance. When we have incidents in the home, such as a leaky pipe or electrical issues, we call either a plumber or electrician. It seems to be relatively simple to find such skilled tradespeople because it is a common requirement […]

Helping a client through the stages of going to Court

If you are a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner and you have been assisting a client with their legal matter, but it seems inevitable that the case cannot be resolved, it may be necessary to go to court. If such circumstances arise, then depending on whether the case is a criminal or civil matter will guide you […]

How to choose the right paralegal qualification

If you’ve ever fancied a career in law but felt the degree and tutelage requirements made that option beyond your reach, then there is an alternative; train to be a paralegal. Paralegals can undertake almost all the same activities as a solicitor, with a few exceptions known as ‘reserved activities’. Being a paralegal is a […]

Four of the most glamorous paralegal jobs

Being a paralegal may not sound glamorous at first, so you might be surprised to learn that paralegals work in a variety of fields, including some of the most sought-after and glamorous industries there are. Whether you love fashion or football, health, or hiking, writing or will writing, mechanics or mobile phones, there is a […]

How Paralegal help their clients through the stages of going to Court

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When a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner has been assisting a client with their legal matter, there are times when seems inevitable that the case cannot be resolved. It may become necessary to go to court. If such circumstances arise, and it is a civil matter, here is how a paralegal can help. Reserved Activities The client […]