Four of the most glamorous paralegal jobs

Being a paralegal may not sound glamorous at first, so you might be surprised to learn that paralegals work in a variety of fields, including some of the most sought-after and glamorous industries there are. Whether you love fashion or football, health, or hiking, writing or will writing, mechanics or mobile phones, there is a […]

How Paralegal help their clients through the stages of going to Court

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When a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner has been assisting a client with their legal matter, there are times when seems inevitable that the case cannot be resolved. It may become necessary to go to court. If such circumstances arise, and it is a civil matter, here is how a paralegal can help. Reserved Activities The client […]

A guide to NALP Paralegal qualifications (video)

 NALP webinar – A guide to NALP Paralegal qualifications NALP’s CEO, Jane Robson, talks about the importance of qualifications for paralegals and how they can help make a difference in the careers for paralegals. Previous webinars can be seen on our YouTube channel here.

5 transferable skills you’ll learn as a paralegal

Training as a paralegal is a great way to start your career in the legal sector. But that’s far from all there is to gain from becoming a paralegal. Unlike other routes into the legal sector, paralegal work involves a lot more freedom and variety of experience, allowing you to focus on the skills, areas […]

Setting up a Paralegal Practice – some areas to consider

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As the cost-of-living crisis continues to bit, more and more Paralegals are setting themselves up in practice in order to offer vital legal services direct to consumers. With experienced solicitors and barristers charging upwards of £235 per hour[i], many people are now turning to Paralegals. Paralegals can do much the same as a solicitor or […]

What other options do you have after graduating with a law degree?

If you have recently graduated with a law degree – congratulations. If you are about to take your final exams – good luck. If you are reading this article, you’re probably wondering what to do after graduating with a law degree. Have you considered becoming a paralegal? Here are some reasons why you should… You […]

Why training your paralegal employees can help your business

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Not just legal firms Whether you operate a business in the legal sector or not, it is very likely that someone on your team will be performing tasks with a legal element to them. Whether this be drafting employment or commercial contracts or ensuring that debts are chased and collected (you can see whether someone […]

National Paralegal Day 2022 the Palace of Westminster

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National Paralegal Day The National Association of Licensed Paralegals hosted a celebration of this years’ National Paralegal Day (Wednesday 9th November) at the Palace of Westminster. National Paralegal Day celebrates the work that Paralegals do and the contribution they make to the legal profession. Whether they are working within a solicitor’s practice, in-house at a […]

Are you a paralegal?

1000s of people are working as Paralegals without realising it. How to find out if you are one of them – and what you should do. Many people are working within a company performing certain tasks day in, day out, not realizing that what they are doing may class them as a ‘Paralegal’. Why should […]

How to behave in a courtroom if you are representing yourself

Litigation should always be a last resort. Taking someone to court should be avoided at all costs. It must be a last resort after all else fails and you feel that you have no other alternative. It’s not an easy route, nor is it a cheap one. And you must be able to show you’ve […]