McKenzie Friend and Paralegal; what’s the difference?

By Craig Johnson, NALP Licensed Paralegal & former McKenzie Friend Many people believe when attending court you must hire a solicitor or that you need to instruct a direct access barrister to progress your case for the desired outcome. However, this is no longer true. Since 2013 with cuts to legal aid and the average […]

Paralegals: the future of legal services

The way the legal sector is developing means that fewer and fewer consumers will be able to afford the services of solicitors or barristers because of the fees that are being charged. This, fuelled by the lack of legal aid, will mean that more and more consumers will be turning to alternative professions to assist […]

Covid Scams and Rollercoasters

From our friends at Finders International: The guys at Finders are prolific content writers and we have published many of their articles on this site, but we thought we would try something different this time. We’ve summarised four of their latest articles so that you can see which ones you would like to read in more detail. […]

Two things a Paralegal must never do

The legal services industry is opening up. This has given consumers the opportunity to attain access to justice at reasonable costs. More and more paralegals are now Licensed to Practice and are now opening up their own firms. This is great for the paralegals and for consumers, but there are two things a paralegal must […]

Guest Blog: Four top will-writing companies take ‘noticeable’ share of the market

Research has found that the top will-writing companies in the UK are taking a ‘noticeable’ share of the market. IRN Research’s Wills and Probate Consumer Research Report 2020 noted that for the first time, fixed fees account for the majority of probate fees. The research company notes that on first glance, “nothing much seems to […]