Advice for Paralegals on Reserved Activities and Holding Out

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Increasing numbers of paralegals are gaining Licences to Practise and opening up their own firms, thanks to the opening up of legal services to consumers, giving them the opportunity to attain access to justice at a reasonable cost. This is great for both consumers and the paralegal professions but there two things a Paralegal must […]

Top Tips to help you get work as a Paralegal By Amanda Hamilton

If you are wondering what to do next because you have been made redundant during the corona virus crisis, or perhaps the time off has made you rethink your career path – then how about a career in law? Working as a paralegal can be a very rewarding way of earning a living. It also […]

Interview with the board: Robin Ghurbhurun

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Welcome to the latest podcast from the National Association of Licensed Paralegals. Today we are joined by our latest board member, Robin Ghurbhurun, who is the Managing Director of Jisc, which provides digital solutions for UK education and research. We’d love you to ‘Like & Share’ our podcast today. You can do so simply by […]

What paralegals are saying about the pandemic

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We’ve been in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic for over six months now and with new developments in working from home and wage subsidies replacing the furlough scheme, it seems as if we’re still a long way from normality. Here at NALP, we thought this would be a good time to check the pulse of […]

Covid Scams and Rollercoasters

From our friends at Finders International: The guys at Finders are prolific content writers and we have published many of their articles on this site, but we thought we would try something different this time. We’ve summarised four of their latest articles so that you can see which ones you would like to read in more detail. […]

The case for Regulation and Regulated Qualifications for Paralegals

One of the most difficult issues to reconcile in the legal services sector is the extensive statutory regulation for solicitors, barristers and chartered legal executives. Each of these professions has a membership body and a regulator as well as an overseeing independent regulatory body. The knock-on effect for consumers is that the cost of such […]

Watch out for Coronavirus Scams

There’s a new ugly symptom riding in on the coattails of Covid-19— coronavirus scams. National Trading Standards (NTS) is warning people to remain vigilant against this new threat which hones in on people’s concern and uncertainty about the pandemic. The Friends Against Scams initiative organised by NTS aims to prevent people from becoming victims of […]