The job seeker annual report 2018-19 by Simply Law Jobs

Amanda Hamilton, CEO of National Association of Licensed Paralegals
Amanda Hamilton

Simply Law Jobs produced the job seeker annual report 2018-19 that analyses data collected about job seekers in the legal industry. In this article, we will highlight some features of this highly anticipated report.

Let’s find out more about where the jobs have been posted over the last year and locations where we saw growth.

The South-east of the country is in the lead followed by London.

Salary, location and flexible working are the most desirable attributes for the job seekers. The reasons why people change jobs usually include career progression, looking for a new challenge or a higher salary.


  • Jobseekers and their job search

You will see the answers to these questions gathered across a number of surveys on job hunting experience and needs:

– How often do you search for jobs?

– Would you still apply for a job if it didn’t display salary information?

– How often do you receive a pay rise?

– How far would you be prepared to travel for a new job?

– Why are you searching for a new job?

– Which of the below are most important to you when searching for a new job?

– Top growth areas

Here we will look at both the number of jobs advertised on Simply Law Jobs in each category and the number of candidates who indicated their interest in a category.

  • Gender insight

The analysis of user data and the gender split between candidates browsing each job category. The following data is from Google Analytics.

  • Category profiles per industry

Here you will see the categories that drive the most interest on Simply Law Jobs website. Gender split and age of those browsing the category and the average salary of jobs advertised. Age and gender data is from Google Analytics.

If you would like a copy of the report, you can download it for free here:


Amanda Hamilton, CEO of National Association of Licensed Paralegals
Amanda Hamilton

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