The case for Regulation and Regulated Qualifications for Paralegals

One of the most difficult issues to reconcile in the legal services sector is the extensive statutory regulation for solicitors, barristers and chartered legal executives. Each of these professions has a membership body and a regulator as well as an overseeing independent regulatory body. The knock-on effect for consumers is that the cost of such regulation filters through in respect of the... Read More

Why qualifying as a Paralegal is now the only career option for those wanting to enter the legal services profession

  If you are a school careers officer or are offering career advice at a college or university then you’re probably already be aware of what is happening in the legal sector. Qualifying as a solicitor or barrister is not only time consuming but also extremely costly. As a result, fewer and fewer students are able to take this route – even if they are passionate about a l... Read More

Two things a Paralegal must never do when offering their services direct to consumers

The legal services industry is opening up. This has given consumers the opportunity to attain access to justice at reasonable costs. More and more paralegals are now Licensed to Practice and are now opening up their own firms. This is great for the paralegals and for consumers, but there are two things a paralegal must never do. Holding out To be direct, this means inferring you are a so... Read More

Guest Blog: Watch out for Coronavirus Scams

There’s a new ugly symptom riding in on the coattails of Covid-19—coronavirus-related scams. National Trading Standards (NTS) is warning people to remain vigilant against this new threat which hones in on people’s concern and uncertainty about the pandemic. The Friends Against Scams initiative organised by NTS aims to prevent people from becoming victims of scams. Scams cos... Read More

In The Press: Going to court? Ever thought of using a Paralegal or McKenzie Friend?


Blog: Recognise Your Paralegal

Why giving paralegals in your company recognition will help you retain staff, increase services and boost profits By Amanda Hamilton, NALP   Is there an element of legality involved in running your company? Do you have someone drafting contracts of employment or contracts to provide services, or an individual that looks over any contract received by your company? Are these indivi... Read More

Self-employment Income Support Scheme

The coronavirus outbreak has affected people's lifes as well as many businesses around the world that are now concerned about its impact on them. They fear that its fast spread will bring down the economic growth and that no solution will be enough to stop it, for this reason, the UK government took measures to advise, support, and help businesses to overcome this unprecedented period through... Read More

In the Press: March News Coverage Roundup

Let's see what we have for the new edition of our press roundup. This March NALP CEO Amanda Hamilton appeared in many media sources discussing different subjects. We start with the role of modern paralegals. Here are some of the highlights: Posted... Read More

Guest Blog: Four top will-writing companies take ‘noticeable’ share of the market

Research has found that the top will-writing companies in the UK are taking a ‘noticeable’ share of the market. IRN Research’s Wills and Probate Consumer Research Report 2020 noted that for the first time, fixed fees account for the majority of probate fees. The research company notes that on first glance, “nothing much seems to have changed in the wills and probate ma... Read More

The job seeker annual report 2018-19 by Simply Law Jobs

Simply Law Jobs produced the latest annual report 2018-19 that analyses data collected about job seekers in the legal industry. In this article, we will highlight some features of this highly anticipated report. Let’s find out more about where the jobs have been posted over the last year and locations where we saw growth. The following map shows where jobseekers are most in-demand: ... Read More