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Paralegal News - April, 2018

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In the Press | Using the Small Claims Court without engaging a solicitor

The Small Claims Court If the amount of money owed is small enough you can deal with it yourself without employing the services of a solicitor. The ‘Small Claims Court’ which is part of the County Court was originally created to enable a lay-person (someone who is not legally… Read more

In the Press | How can paralegals assist you in legal matters?

  Why would you choose a paralegal over a solicitor? Cost: Solicitors often charge over £200 per hour. On average, paralegals charge between £20 - £50 per hour. A paralegal may assist you up to a point, and then you may need the services of a solicitor. For example,… Read more

In the Press | What Paralegals can do for Private Client Work

If you are part of a forward-thinking solicitors’ practice, and your Paralegal staff sign-up to a professional membership body like the National Association of Licenced Paralegals (NALP), they have access to training and can gain formal qualifications, adding value to your firm and its reputation. NALP has been a… Read more

In the Press | Is there a Paralegal in your Business?

How paralegals can benefit your business Having the right legal advice and assistance when required is essential for any business. This is where paralegals, with the appropriate training, can help, and can save on hefty solicitors' fees. If you are prepared to offer your paralegal personnel formal recognition by… Read more

In the Press | What does the future hold for Paralegals?

Traditional attitudes to the provision of legal services have been upended over recent years, due to the rapid change that has taken place in the legal sector.  Source: … Read more