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Paralegal News - December, 2018

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Why is qualifying as Paralegal is a great alternative to a legal career for students?

  Do your students want a career in law? Qualifying as a Paralegal may be their best option.   NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses with the benefits of Paralegal Qualifications as an alternative route to a legal career for students.        Firstly, it’s not as… Read more

Merry Christmas | Message from NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton

Dear Members. Firstly, I would like to thank you on behalf of NALP, for your continued support throughout this last year. We have had a bumper year and we could not do what we do without you - we appreciate it very much. In the last quarter alone, we… Read more

Regulated vs Unregulated Qualifications

When you are looking at taking a qualification, what do you look for? It depends why you want the qualification really. For instance, if you want to learn how to decorate a cake for your nephew’s birthday, you might be perfectly happy to do an online course, or one… Read more

UK Probate Research Awards - Supported by NALP

  We are thrilled to be supporting the UK Probate Research Awards in February 2019, celebrating the achievements and expertise of forensic genealogists and probate research professionals. Probate Research traces missing beneficiaries and identifies and locates heirs to estates, properties and assets worldwide. Probate Research provides a constant stream… Read more

Interview with NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton on the Future of the Legal Sector

  NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses the future of the Legal Sector, with Simply Law Jobs one of our Trusted Partners.    Paralegals are now emerging as the fastest growing legal service professionals. The work that paralegals do, offers a lifeline into a sector that disappointed graduates may not otherwise… Read more