Why is qualifying as Paralegal is a great alternative to a legal career for students?


Do your students want a career in law? Qualifying as a Paralegal may be their best option.


NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses with FE.co.uk the benefits of Paralegal Qualifications as an alternative route to a legal career for students. 




Firstly, it’s not as costly to gain paralegal qualifications. Ofqual awarding organisation, NALP (through its training arm, NALP Training) is the only paralegal organisation offering nationally recognised and regulated bespoke paralegal qualifications. The cost? Under £2000.

Secondly, in a similar way to solicitors, paralegals can now operate as independent professional practitioners. For example, after applying for a Licence to Practise from NALP, they can operate from a high street office and have other paralegal partners to develop their own paralegal firm, if they’ve been vetted (as to their experience and/or qualifications) and have Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) in place.


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