Women in Law Awards 2020

NALP has always been a proud supporter of the Women in Law Awards by Incisive Media, shining a light on the very best of the hundreds of women striving for excellence in the field of law.  

The event aims to promote the innovations and achievements of women working to break the glass ceiling that still hangs above the legal profession, transforming the industry into one of equal opportunities. 

With events like this law has changed drastically from the elitist exclusionary industry it used to be. to one in which women like those nominated can achieve truly great things. Through their efforts, firms have been forced to become more transparent about their recruitment methods and gender pay gaps. However, a lot more work needs to be done. Expect to see showcases of new initiatives to build the momentum for change in the industry and how you can continue the fight for equality on the next frontier. 

Here at NALP we’ve got even more to smile about, as one of our members, Caroline Spencer-Boulton, has been nominated. Caroline is a fantastic example of what can be achieved as a licensed paralegal. In her freelance work for 24/7 Criminal Defence, she has prepared cases for criminal defence, and acted as an accredited police station representative for over fourteen years. 

This role takes all the way through the legal process, from preparation of defence case from police station representation stage through to Crown Court trials on vast range of criminal matters, including white collar crime, serious crime, youths and gang related crime.  

Caroline is a credit to women and the paralegal profession. We wish her the best of luck, and hope many of you will be able to tune in and support her on the day. You can see the full list of nominees here

This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the event will be held virtually on November the 11th. Registration to view it from your own home will be open soon on the Women in Law Awards website