What Paralegals Are Saying About the Pandemic

We've been in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic for over six months now and with new developments in working from home and wage subsidies replacing the furlough scheme, it seems as if we're still a long way from normality. Here at NALP, we thought this would be a good time to check the pulse of our members to gauge how paralegals have had their work affected by the lockdown and subseque... Read More

Paralegals: The Future of Legal Services

The way the legal sector is developing means that fewer and fewer consumers will be able to afford the services of solicitors or barristers because of the fees that are being charged. This, fuelled by the lack of legal aid, will mean that more and more consumers will be turning to alternative professions to assist with their legal problems, especially at the lower end of the scale. Paralegals a... Read More

NALP announces appointment of new Non-Executive Director to its Board

NALP, the National Association of Licensed Paralegals, has appointed Chantal Cooke to its Board of Directors.   Cooke joins CEO Amanda Hamilton and Director of Compliance & Regulation, Jane Robson. Chantal Cooke is an award-winning journalist, co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET radio, and CEO of boutique PR company, Panpathic Communications. Cooke already sits on NALP&rs... Read More

How to choose the right paralegal course for you - and what to look out for

With the paralegal profession emerging as the fastest growing in the legal sector, it’s so important to choose the right course – one that is bespoke, fit for purpose and robust.   There are many providers who see a potential market for offering courses, and it is becoming a bit of a minefield, so here are a few tips about what you should be aware of before you take the step... Read More

Business Terms and Conditions - how binding are they really?

As a small business, especially one that is online, it is important that your customers know clearly what they are purchasing and what your terms of business are.   What are Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)?   These are the clauses in a contract that set out the rights and obligations that both parties should be aware of when they enter into a contract.   Some o... Read More

Women in Law Awards 2020

NALP has always been a proud supporter of the Women in Law Awards by Incisive Media, shining a light on the very best of the hundreds of women striving for excellence in the field of law.   The event aims to promote the innovations and achievements of women working to break the glass ceiling that still hangs above the legal profession, transforming the in... Read More

How to Market Yourself as a Paralegal

You’ve already done the hard work: you’ve obtained your paralegal qualifications and set up shop as an independent paralegal practitioner. You’ve also checked the NALP Members’ handbook and know what you can and can’t do Great! But the work’s not quite done yet. You may have the knowledge, skills and experience to be an excellent professional paralegal, but... Read More

Statement on Ofqual Announcements re Vocational and Technical Qualifications Results – Summer 2020

There has been some controversy about the qualification results issued this year due to the changes to the way examinations, particularly for General Qualifications (e.g. GCSEs and A Levels) have been graded and then ‘moderated’ by the regulator, with many students seeing their grades being lowered. Ofqual has issued some guidance documents to Learners and Centres regarding Vocation... Read More

Dispelling The Myths And Incorrect Assumptions About Paralegals

With the Paralegal Profession being acknowledged as the fastest growing within the legal services sector, it’s important to dispel some of the myths and incorrect assumptions that surround the sector. If you are a paralegal reading this, please feel free to use these answers to respond to questions or use in your website’s FAQ. If you are not, I hope these help dispel some myths.... Read More

Taking your Paralegal career Forward

  So you have your paralegal qualifications; what are you going to do now? Let’s look at the options available to you to progress your paralegal career… Join a legal firm Joining an existing paralegal firm, or a law firm, is a common first step. Being able to get more experience working as a paralegal, whilst under the umbrella of an established firm, provides you wi... Read More