Simply Law Jobs | What is a Paralegal?

  Amanda Hamilton chats with our trusted partners Simply Law Jobs about Paralegals and when businesses and consumers should use one.    Why would someone choose a paralegal?   Cost: Utilising the services of solicitors can be expensive. Solicitors charge on average over £200 per hour and some, more senior ones, will charge nearer to £300 pe... Read More

In The Press | Bad Mouthing

In The Press | October News Coverage Roundup

  October 2019 News Coverage Roundup   The month of October saw a ton of press activity for NALP and its CEO Amanda Hamilton. NALP member Craig Johnson continued getting some media attention. Here are the highlights:   To start off, on October 1st Neconnected published a piece “Your business T&Cs - top six things to consider”&nb... Read More

Blog | Could using a paralegal save you money if you’re in the unfortunate position of having to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent?

  By Amanda Hamilton, NALP   Are you a Landlord in the unfortunate position of needing to get tenant out of your property? This is an unpleasant situation for both sides and you may already be worried about the amount of money you have lost if the reason and you’re seeking an eviction is non-payment of rent. Whatever reason you need your property vacated there are more... Read More

Blog | What is National Paralegal Register and How You Can Use It?

  What is National Paralegal Register and How You Can Use It? 65.5% of NALP members believe that being listed on the National Paralegal Register is the most useful member benefit.*    What is NPR? With approximately 700 members now, the National Paralegal Register (NPR) is an online portal that allows Paralegal Practitioners to market themselves to po... Read More

Guest Blog | Securing Your Digital Assets

This is a Guest Blog from Finders International, the award-winning probate researchers. You can find out more about their services at   Securing Your Digital Assets Only six percent of people have specifically included their digital assets in their wills, according to a London and Watford-based law firm that surveyed its clients this year. VWV&rsq... Read More

In the Press | Don't Let Your Build Go Rogue

In the Press | Paralegal Regulation - Confidence & Competence

In the Press | September News Coverage Roundup

    September 2019 News Coverage Roundup     Last month NALP and it's CEO Amanda Hamilton featured in multiple media sources. In September one of the NALP members, Craig Johnson also enjoyed some media attention, we bring you his article below. Here is a brief synopsis and links to the press pieces:   On August 30 PI Brief Update Law Jo... Read More

Guest Blog | Changes to Grants of Probate and Registry Services

This is a Guest Blog from Finders International, the award-winning probate researchers. You can find out more about their services at   Changes to grants of probate and registry services Changes are afoot in the way grants of probate work, HM Courts & Tribunals Service announced this week. People applying for grants of probate online are now... Read More