Legal Guide | Taking Your Employer to Tribunal

  The reasons an employee might take their employer to tribunal are various: Poor pay, discrimination and sexual harassment are among the most common. Also, if you’ve been working for an employer for two years, and have been dismissed due to, or during, maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or jury service, or you have been forced to retire, this may be deemed unfair dismi... Read More

Legal Guide | What are your options for eviction?

As part of our continued efforts to promote the work of paralegals, we've been working with a variety of trade and business press to provide helpful legal guides. This often highlights when a paralegal may be a great alternative to a solicitor.    If you have a tenant who's in breach of a term in the agreement, such as non-payment of rent, then you can use a Section 8... Read More

The Barrister Magazine | Striving for an Inclusive Legal Services Sector

NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses "Striving for an Inclusive Legal Services Sector" in The Barrister Magazine    The consequence of increasing numbers of institutions able to offer the professional qualifications has caused irrevocable damage to the lives of graduates who have been misled into thinking that their career pathways would be mapped out, just beca... Read More

Press release | NALP and Yay!Starter Marketing announce partnership to further promote the status of paralegal profession.

NALP and Yay!Starter Marketing announce partnership to further promote the status of paralegal profession.   London, UK, 7th March 2019, One week prior to the National Paralegal Day, NALP (National Association of Licensed Paralegals), it’s training arm NALP Training trading as National Paralegal College and Yay!Starter Marketing announced partnership to promote... Read More

Ark Group | Amanda Hamilton Discusses the Evolving Role of Paralegals

  Growth in the paralegal sector The reason for the growing abundance of paralegals in the sector stems from several factors. Firstly, the cost of training: spending £27k on a law degree and then another £16k on the professional exams (whether aiming towards becoming a solicitor or barrister) is quite a costly process. Secondly: there are not enough training contracts... Read More

In the Press | The Verge - Why training to become a paralegal is a great alternative pathway to a legal career

  We discuss the training to become a paralegal as an alternative route into the Legal Services Profession with the Verge.    If you have embarked upon a law degree, you’re probably already well aware of what is happening in the legal sector.  The end of your degree is really just the beginning as you decide which route to take into the legal profession.... Read More

The Barrister Magazine | Paralegal offering their services direct to consumers – the two things they should never do

NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses the important codes of conducts all Paralegals should follow when offering services to consumers in The Barrister Magazine.    Holding out A paralegal can offer assistance directly to a client in many areas. Some of these areas are the same as solicitors but it is very important not to give the impression that you’re anything... Read More

Simply Law Jobs | Are you working as a Paralegal without realising it?

We had a chance to catch up with our trusted partners Simply Law Jobs to discuss the thousands of Paralegals working as Paralegals without realising it!    Many people are working within a company performing certain tasks day in, day out, not realising that what they are doing may class them as a ‘Paralegal’. Why should this matter? Why should you be ‘pig... Read More

Simply Law Jobs | Why we should strive for an Inclusive Legal Services Sector

  With Solicitors able to become solicitor-advocates and with barristers being able to register as direct access and being granted the right to conduct litigation, one could argue that there is virtually no difference anymore between the two professions – except, of course, that each has its own professional membership and regulatory body to protect their members’ in... Read More

New Board Member - Caroline Spencer-Boulton

  We are very happy to announce that Caroline Spencer-Boulton will be joining NALP's Governing Board.  Caroline is a Principal Fellow of NALP and holds a Licence to Practice specialising in the field of Criminal Defence.  She was granted Licenced Access by the Bar Standards Board in 2017. In addition, Caroline is a Police Station Accredited Representative.  She... Read More